About Better Tech Leadership

A platform for experienced tech leaders to share their know-how with aspiring CTOs, giving them a playbook to lead high-performing engineering teams.

Leading the way in a changing environment

Out with the old

Ten years ago, businesses that leveraged technology advantage exceeded their competition by a mile. Today, the VUCA reality has altered business in such a way that technological advancement is no longer enough. To succeed, businesses need to become people-first, leading and inspiring their teams to strive for continuous growth.

The new leader

Navigating the raging waters of change, we are witnessing the emergence of a new leader: no longer a manager, no longer a visionary and no longer only tech-focused. The emerging technology leader should grow and nurture all three of these skill sets to successfully lead their teams.

The right know-how

To do that, they need the right tools, knowledge and guidance of those who have been down the leader path before. Embracing this new approach to technology leadership, we founded Better Tech Leadership: a platform for experienced tech leaders to share their experience and mentor the next generation of CTOs.

Our goal is to advocate good leadership principles and grow strong leaders that know how to build efficient teams to sleep soundly.

Leszek Knoll
BTL Host