I for Interim: A day in the life on an Interim CTO

Matt Warcholiński, co-founder of @brainhubeu interviews Martin Rusnak, owner of Rusnak Consulting and Interim/Fractional CTO.

In this episode

Matt Warcholiński interviews Martin Rusnak on being a Fractional and Interim CTO, aligning business and tech, setting OKRs.

Matt Warcholinski

Co-founder of Brainhub, Matt describes himself as a “serial entrepreneur”. Throughout his career, Matt has developed several startups in Germany, wearing many hats- from a marketer to an IT Engineer and customer support specialist. As a host of the Better Tech Leadership podcast, Matt talks about growing successful businesses and the challenges of being a startup founder and investor.

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Martin Rusnak

Martin is an experienced CTO, focusing on setting up processes, OKRs and mentoring tech teams. With my more than 24 years of experience, I primarily offer you time savings in the digital transformation of your company. In Advisory consulting, I can draw on my experience with various startups and mid-market companies that I have accompanied during the journey.

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