Implementing innovative technology: People, Process, Technology

Leszek Knoll talks with Yannick Misteli about the role of People, Process and Technology.

In this episode

In this episode, host Leszek Knoll, co-founder of the software development agency @brainhubeu  talks with Yannick Misteli, CTO at @roche  about the state of cloud adoption, building tech strategy with innovation and upskilling and leading tech teams.

Leszek Knoll

Over the last decade, Leszek has developed several successful businesses, among them a software development agency that supports Fortune 500 companies. With the challenges a growing business brings, he observed that stepping out of a tech role into a leadership one brings the need for a different approach. As a host of the Better Tech Leadership podcast, Leszek is focused on bridging the gap between tech and people skills.

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Yannick Misteli

Yannick Misteli is an experienced cloud platform and machine learning engineering manager with a history of business value creation through advanced analytics. He's passionate about infrastructure and operationalization of data-driven solutions. Skilled in Python, R, data visualization, machine learning, DevOps, digital transformation, and business intelligence.

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