Startup Insights: Navigating Success, Innovation, and Opportunities in the Swiss Ecosystem

Matt Warcholinski, co-founder of software development agency @brainhubeu  talks with Silvan Krähenbühl about effective hiring strategies, such as using a "hell yes or hell no" approach, to build a successful team and also about the significance of defining values, mission, and vision to create a strong company operating system.

In this episode

In this episode, Silvan Krähenbühl talks about effective hiring strategies.

Matt Warcholinski

Co-founder of Brainhub, Matt describes himself as a “serial entrepreneur”. Throughout his career, Matt has developed several startups in Germany, wearing many hats- from a marketer to an IT Engineer and customer support specialist. As a host of the Better Tech Leadership podcast, Matt talks about growing successful businesses and the challenges of being a startup founder and investor.

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Silvan Krähenbühl

Silvan discovered his passion for entrepreneurship and started his first company in high school. He helps others start and grow their companies through podcasts and coaching organizations like Swisspreneur. Silvan aims to connect people and generate value for everyone through a strong community, hosting regular events and online communities for founders to connect, learn, and support each other.

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