From Code to Leadership: Mastering the Software Development Lifecycle

Leszek Knoll, co-founder of @brainhubeu, delves into the practical and theoretical aspects of software development, interdepartmental communication complexities, customer feedback utilization, effective problem-solving, one-on-one alignment, and the value of documents for decision-making with Francisco Trindade, Director Of Engineering at Braze.

In this episode

In this episode, Leszek Knoll, co-founder of @brainhubeu, engages in a conversation with Francisco Trindade, Director Of Engineering at Braze, covering topics such as tech debt, interdepartmental communication, problem-solving, and the value of individual one-on-ones and documents for decision-making in software development.

Leszek Knoll

Over the last decade, Leszek has developed several successful businesses, among them a software development agency that supports Fortune 500 companies. With the challenges a growing business brings, he observed that stepping out of a tech role into a leadership one brings the need for a different approach. As a host of the Better Tech Leadership podcast, Leszek is focused on bridging the gap between tech and people skills.

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Francisco Trindade

Francisco Trindade is an experienced engineering leader with a background as a technology consultant at ThoughtWorks, where he assisted teams worldwide and  have founded companies, led engineering organizations. Currently serves as an Engineering Director at Braze in New York, focusing on enhancing engineering collaboration.

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