Leading with Purpose: Tech Leadership Insights from Ian Forrester

Matt Warcholinski, co-founder of @brainhubeu, engages with Ian Forrester, Senior "Firestarter" at BBC, discussing innovation and adaptive media technologies, emphasizing public service in tech, offering practical remote work advice through the "personal user manual" concept, and sharing influential books and podcasts on the multifaceted role of technology in society.

In this episode

In this episode, Matt Warcholinski, co-founder of @brainhubeu, explores innovation, adaptive media technologies, the role of public service in technology, practical tips for remote work, and a curated list of influential books and podcasts with Ian Forrester, Senior "Firestarter" at BBC.

Matt Warcholinski

Co-founder of Brainhub, Matt describes himself as a “serial entrepreneur”. Throughout his career, Matt has developed several startups in Germany, wearing many hats- from a marketer to an IT Engineer and customer support specialist. As a host of the Better Tech Leadership podcast, Matt talks about growing successful businesses and the challenges of being a startup founder and investor.

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Ian Forrester

Ian Forrester is a Senior Firestarter at the BBC, specializing in open innovation, reimagining the future of public service on the internet with a human, ethical, and public focus, and exploring adaptive storytelling through Perceptive Media, all while championing sustainability, data ethics, and diversity in the tech industry.

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